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17 January 2015

Published 17.01.2015

Arthlene Legair Brand

                                                                      [Adverting Above, Arthlene Legair, representing her brand - Arthlene Legair Brand |  Photography by Oliva Garcia ]


Oliva has captured the Annual HC Fashion Parade in colourful splendour and beautiful elegance. BBB will be looking at the Better, Bolder and Blacker World of the Legair Brand Luxury Boutique. We've written before on the beauty and feminist precision of the dresses.
We've written about the need to have an extra dimension when wearing the gowns, because you need to exude beauty from the inside.


[Photographed, Alesia USA Model wearing Legair Brand Maxi Dress, Annual 2014 HC Fashion Parade]

This is the black silk piece, with gold band. The design takes credence from the hellinistic era of the Greeks. The beautiful Nuba Model Alesia stands defiant, that her beauty radiates over the cultural idioms of Greece. A tall dark and beautifully symmetirical face gracing over the black and gold outfit. Dainty arms and yet full constructed shoulders and waistline - a Nubian Princess.

It is great to see that we can look at the past and shrug off the cultural haters. Shrug off the racism, and shrug off the ignorance
(always when its neccessary and useful for economic gain). Suddenly the world forgot that Africans designed and constructed the Pyramids? 
It is conveniant to forget, as Europe would rather have us build and sustain modern Architectural Sky Scrapers to better tax  us with and Invoice us in style?

Greece learnt all it could from the Ancient Egyptian City of Kush and Khemet. Imhotep was a Master Scholar, and is still studied in the confines of Knowledge, void of the presence of ignorance at the University College London. There is a dedicated Library of over 20,000 artefacts and objects originating from Ancient Nubia.

Ancient Nubians shared their enthusiasm for the worship and respect of the Gods with the learned men of Greece. The Godlike Pharaohs that graced the Temples, were regular images of awe before the Eurasian Scholars. Even 'Out of Role' (Africans in the Diaspora), the great Pharonic descendants in the Americas, the Caribbean and Africa are still sights to behold. Their performance in strength, mental agility and beauty is like no other. Study and diligent approach to divinty by Ancient Egyptian Pharaohs resulted in a phantasm of new Greek Gods and Goddesses, and in some cases the full 'adoption' of Nubian Egyptian deities fashioned as pale faced Greek similarities/equivalents? Obviously, there is no match for divinty outside of divinty, that would be 'Odd' Literally. You are, or you are not! 

These newly constructed ideals still live on with us today through Nike, Hermes and Gucci. The only issue that one may have with Greek Gods and Deities is that they are constructed on slightly lower dimensions, and therefore, you'd have to forget alot of things, in order to fit in and rock the Nike with a Tick. The bonds that the Greeks and later Romans used to validate their 'Imperialist' regime, was far too heavy a price tag to pay by Africans for 'an equivalent? In the process ruining truly remarkable efforts and divine order of the Ancient world.

Their dominion, supremacy rule and imperialism has helped everyone to believe that these are some how more important than their own selves and their own Ancient Cultures? Their domination of the Fashion Industry today is helping the next generation of Black Youngsters believe and worship at the gates of Topshop that in order to be cool and fashionable, you need to workship foreign Gods and abandon ones self image in preference for the blonder, bluer eyed, thinner, longer haired, thinner lipped Eurasian? Of course, Alexander The Great did a great (Excuse the pun) job in ensuring the longevity of Hellinism, taught by the main man - Plato. However, when are we going to snap out of the phase? Such things are not permanent? Our 'Kind' of beauty is impaled, painted, dug out, erected and bulit in pure granite rock in the middle of the Nile Valley settlements? Why on earth are we fighting for the 'Cover' page of Vogue Magazine? a mirage? I think so!

Arthlene Legair Brand

[Photographed, Caribbean Model wearing Sophia Chermiah and Anita Dafeta wearing Legair Brand]

Photographed above, is Anita Dafeta and a Caribbean Model wearing Legair Brand and Sophia Chermiah. Ms Harts Exclusive T-Shirt says
'Africa Mother' in bold print on white. It is a limited edition shirt and available in gold, brown and maroon. Her long skirt is made up of Harts with a leg stopping parade split just above the knee. Anita holds up the Notebook Pro to take a cheeky snap of the Mother of Humanity and the sheek modern African Women of today in Legair Brand. Anita is travelling on a Study Program from Nigeria. A classic photo, poignant of how the Parent rings of humanity has come down a notch or two in a foreign dimension and in foreign circumst

HART CULTURE C.I.C. is instrumental and the central leading Organisation of the 2nd coming Golden Age of Pharaohs A.D. 2022.
Pharaoh in the 2nd Golden age - meaning African Men in control of the destiny of their people, their Families, their lives, their livelihood,
their melanin without Foreign criticism or intervention. This is an incredible time in history, that is currently on the tip of every conscious lip and 'Awakening' website. Without the Pharaohs, we are nothing, and world stops - literally!

This is a great time to launch ones label, and particularly via the local community, as this is the main place of change and transformation.
When Princess Deun Solarin interviewed Ms Chermiah Hart on BEN TV, with the Title - 'How to prepare for the Gold', the Community has taken on board practically every word. The Afrobeat takeover is clear to see.

Alesia stands before the poster, 'Return Of The Golden Race', the leading campaign to call Black/African/Ethnic Communities to their best and higest selves. For better nutrition, better health and well being. Young people like Chermiah Hart are Leading the Golden Era
(The Era before the Golden Age), and the HART CULTURE C.I.C. Family (comprised of over 55 African/Black/Ethnic Owned Businesses 
is steadily helping people safely through the 2012 Golden Era.


[Photographed, Caribbean Model wearing Legair Brand Maxi Dress, Annual 2014 HC Fashion Parade]

Even though the Black (African out of Africa) Community will always be facing the odds wherever they are in the world, the new outlook such as th e 'Parent Ring Philosophy' at HC International, is the model that all A.B.E. (African/Black/Ethnic Owned) companies will need to adopt to compete, challenge the current prejudices and gain their rightful place on the earth, free from blood sucking vampaires.

Africa supplies 75% of the worlds resources from Coffee, Cocoa, Diamonds, Gold, Oil, Gas, Precious Rocks, Vegetables, Wood, Timber, Ivory, Copper, Zinc to various structured Carbons. This is no match for Europe and certainly no match for the US. Blacks (Africans out of Africa), will always be consumers of their own 'wealth', rather than 'keepers', simply because Europeans, Countries in the Western Hemisphere and the US do not have any natural resources on the land. There is also a very heavy 'land lock' for obvious reasons?

The land only produces foods that can be exported or traded such as potatoes, limited herbs, parsley, live stock (every now and then infected with new strains of disease), berries, strawberries, apples, pears, plums and oranges? This will definately NOT sustain the African torso, diet or body. This is serious, because it means that Blacks (Africans out of Africa) as long as they out of Africa, and as long as they are not solely in control of their own natural resources, will always bare the curse of being a Consumer of their own Wealth.

The Legair Brand has a number of Angel dresses and divinely inspirational pieces in purple and white.
Guests showed interest in the pieces and even tried them on backstage in the dressing rooms.
After completing two successful Fashion Parades in London, Legair says that she is rady to take on her own show and invite the Industry.
She is looking for some keen buyers. Facebook has really lit up the Legair Brand and set the tone for what is about to come.
Lets prepare for the Gold, and on our best behaviour get ready for 'The Return Of The Golden Race' in all of its joy, splendor and glory.

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                                                                                             VISIT : HART CULTURE T.V.






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